Prices and conditions at enrolment 2019-2020


Conditions at Enrolment

Enrolment is done in writing by both new and former students. Places are reserved in the order they arrive to the school. Enrolment is binding for the whole season (September 1st - 31st May). Only if there are special reasons is dis-enrolment accepted. It has to be in writing and should be done with at least one Months' notice up to the first in a Month. It is, though, not possible to disenroll in April and May. If the school do not receive a disenrolment in writing the student is obliged to pay the fee for the rest of the season as we keep a space available. The School preserve the right to use pictures and video from the school activities. 

The Montly fee is paid in advance to:

THE SCHOOL ACCOUNT:  2112 – 0307 184 753

Please add the students' ID numer and full name on the transfer.



When a Trial Class is booked, the student must meet to the trial on the first day the chosen class is on. There is no commitment other than the trial class. If the trial class is a succes enrolment has to be done before the next class is on. The student will get an ID number which has to be used at payment of the Monthly fee and contact to the school.


Pre School 1 & 2:  50,00dk
Pre Primary og Primary:  75,00dk
Grade 1-6:  100,00dk
Classes of 1 hr. 25 min. duration:  150,00dk

SCHOOL ACCOUNT: 2112 – 0307 184 753

Please add the students full name on your transfer




Prices are per Month and are based on the amount of teaching time:


Pre School 1 & 2: 270,-dk

Pre Primary og Primary: 300,-dk

Grade 1-6: 400,-dk

It is conditional to attend a Technique class to attend a Grade 1-7. 

Price for both classes: 750,- 85 min.+55 min.

85 min. classes: 500,- dk - Discount at two classes per week 150,-dk

Point classes classes: 200,- dk - Discount at 2 classes per week 50,-dk