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Choice of Class/Classes

It can be difficult to figure out which class or classes to choose the first time.

Classes are divided in categories like this:

From 3-5 Years there are two levels, Pre School 1, 3-4 Years, and Pre School 2, 4-5 Years. Duration of the class is 25 minutes, and there is a teacher and an assistent on these classes, and a maximum of 15 students to ensure that all children are seen, heard, encouraged and taken care of. At these classes the focus is mainly on improving skills like co-ordination, rhytm, consciousnes about 'the space' one moves in, musicality, increased self esteem, and social competences. 


5 - 6 Years

Pre Primary (5-6år) and Primary (6-8år) - Duration of classes is 40 minutes, and it is possible to attend one or two classes per week. Obtaining at least 75% of classes students can be enrolled for Class Award at Royal Academy of Dance (probably at the beginning of June (1-14th). At leat 7 students must enter for Class Award, where the teacher takes the students in, conducts and guides the students through the Presentation Class viewed by  the Examiner (see Menu: Exam).


Grade 1 - 8

Grade 1 - 8. Students at 7 Years (born before January) attend Grade 1. From Grade 1-8 the duration of each class is 55 minutes. 8 Year olds attend Grade 2, 9 Year olds attend Grade 3, and so on up to Grade 8. The Condition for attending a Grade is to attend the Technique 1 Class, T 1 for Grade 1-3, Technique Class 2, T 2 for Grade 4-6. The technique classes create a nescessary technical base in order to succeed and feel competent when learning a Grade. Here it is possible to do an Exam or Class Award at Royal Academy of Dance (see Menu Eksamen). If one only wants to attend one weekly class one has to attend the Technique class 1, 2 or 3.

Vocational Levels

Repertoire Classes

There are 5 Vocational levels starting with Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2. Here all classes have a duration of 1H 25 min., and all levels can be combined with a 25 min. Point class. It is normal to attend a level for 1½-2 Years in order to be ready for an Exam at a Vocational level.  

Two years ago Royal Academy of Dance ran a Trial in Repertoire Classes. Our School participated in this Trial, and it was a great success for the students. This year we also entered students at Level 2, and we have added Level 3 this Year. It is a great experience to learn soloes from a ballet - it is difficult but fun to take the challenge and manage while increasing ones' technical skills. Both Repertoire 2 and 3 must attend a Technique Class: Rep. 2 will attend either T 2 or T 3 in order to practice the difficult technical demands separately. If in doubt about which level one is ready for, contact the School, and maybe we need to see you in a class to guide you into the level from which you will benefit best and most.