Who are we

Københavns Ballet Akademi starts on 37th Year from September 1st 2019 to May 31. 2020. 

Approximately 20 Years ago we started to teach The Syllabus from Royal Academy of Dance, and we are very happy to have a system that is build up and give the possibility to have a class for each Year the little ones from 3-7 are. It is also very important not to have too many students in a class, and having children at the same age, they will not get a too big or too small challenge as children develop so fast both physically and mentally from 3-6 Years.

Everyone can dance - and every child must have attention. The speed we 'catch' steps in varies for all of us, but we can all learn it. We do not schold anyone, but we expect students to pay attention in class, and they love dancing, getting nice comments from the teacher and move forward.   

Why are we here

We have quite a continuity at our School. We still have a pupil who attended the first class 35 Years ago, and we really appreciate this. It is common that students i.e. starting at 3 Years continue up to Grade 5 or higher, and Vocational levels. Therefore the students get to know each other really well, and they make new friends at 'another' School beyond the 'normal' school.  
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Book a Trial Class to see how our teaching and classes are, and meet our students who will be happy to see you. If you bring a friend make sure that you are both signed up for a Trial Class. Book the Trial Class at this link: https://www.balletskole.dk/en/classes/trial-class 

If you like the class you can enroll before your next class at this link: https://www.balletskole.dk/en/classes/enroll-2018-19  



Participating in a Trial Class you only commit to that class, and here you will meet other students who love to do ballet. You can bring a friend for the Trial - just make sure that you both are enrolled. 

Hopefully you will have a lovely Trial Class, and if you want to come again you have to enroll before the next Class is on.



Elisabeth Schaldemose

Elisabeth Schaldemose is the Leader of the School, which starts its 36th Season on September 1st 2018 until and including May 31st. Elisabeth is educated  at Ib Marten's School and passed her Exam as Teacher  and Dancer in 1974, where she was also employed as a dancer at the Pantomimetheatre. In 1998 she started started on the education as Balletteacher, RAD RTS, at Royal Academy of Dance, and in 2008 she Graduated from Surrey University with a Bachelor in Dance Education. 

Inge Juul Hansen is educated at The Royal Danish Ballet School, and ended her career as a Solodancer. Inge teach Free Classes at Beginner level, and a Free Advanced Class. The classes are mainly for adults.


Christopher Warhuus

 Christopher Warhuus was born in Aarhus, Denmark and raised in the United States. He took his first steps into the ballet world as an 8-year-old, when he began training at Berkeley Ballet Theater in Berkeley, California. At 15, Christopher was awarded a scholarship to continue his dance eduaction at the San Francisco Ballet School, where he trained over the next four years. As an 18-year-old, Christopher received his high school diploma and, one year later, he moved to Boston to start his career as a professional dancer with Boston Ballet II. After two years in Boston, Christopher moved to Helsinki to dance with the Finnish National Ballet. In Finland, he danced several soloist roles in ballets such as Jorma Elo's Alice in Wonderland and Natalia Horecna's Romeo and Juliet. He also participated in both national and international tours, including to Tokyo and Copenhagen.

In 2018, Christopher decided to change his career trajectory and moved to Denmark to begin a bachelor's degree in Strategic Analysis and System Design at DTU in Lyngby. He is now 25-years-old, is in his 3rd semester of study, and it is his first year teaching at the Copenhagen Ballet Academy.
Janet Ka Yan Pang started at the school at the age of 3 Years. Janet Ka Yan has passed all Exams from Grade 1-8, as well as Vocational Levels up to, and including Advanced 1. Ka Yan has been teaching over several Years and is a very popular teacher for the students.

Sara Kamberi

Sara Kamberi started at the school at the age of 3, and she has Passed Exams from Grade 1-6, and Vocationale levels Intermediate Fundation and Repertoire level 2. For the past two years Sara has been assisting as well as teaching and being responsible for Pre School 1 up to Grade 1. Sara teach all classes on Saturdays as well as Pre Primary and Primary on Tuesdays. 

Julie Flygenring


Julie Flygenring

Julie har været elev på skolen i 10år og har bestået eksaminer hos Royal Academy of Dance: Grade 1, 2, 3, 4 og 5, Intermediate Foundation og Repertoire level 2. Julie har været assistent i 2 år, og underviste selvstændigt Grade 1 sidste sæson. I år er Julie assistent på Pre School 1 og 2 lørdag.

Nesa Esmaeil Zadeh

Nesa started at the School at the age of ten. Nesa has passed Exams in Grade 4 and 5, Intermediate Foundation and Repertoire on Vocational level. Nesa has been assisting last year, and she will be our 'standby' when nescessary.